La Jolla Lodge #518

Free & Accepted Masons of California

2019 Lodge Oficers

Leaders in Freemasonry,
Leaders in the Community.
Worshipful Master
David Ristau, PM
The duties of the Worshipful Master are similar to those of a president or leader of an organization. The term “Worshipful” does not imply he is worshipped in the Lodge but comes from an antiquated version of English in which the term means “Honorable.” Within Masonry, “Worshipful” is a term of respect, indicating that the Master of the Lodge a special place of honor among the other Master Masons. The WM is elected officer and is voted into the position of honor by his brothers once per year. 

"Words may show a man's wit but actions his meaning."

~Bro. Benjamin Franklin
St. Johns Lodge, Philadelphia, PA

The Worshipful Master is responsible for facilitating the meetings of the brethren and overall leadership of lodge activities. The Worshipful Master sits in the East. He is also the only member of the lodge who is allowed to wear a hat and serves as a role model for the other Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Masons in the lodge.
2019 Elected Officers
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Christopher Moreno, PM
Ata Zarieh, PM
The Senior Warden serves, more or less, as the Vice President of the Lodge. The Senior Warden must be prepared at all times to step-in for the Worshipful Master in case of his absence. He acts as an advisor and close confidant to the Worshipful Master. Upon his election, the Senior Warden is seated in the West, directly across from the Worshipful master. The Senior Warden is also in charge of ensuring lodge harmony, resolving disputes as they arise.
The Junior Warden is the third “in line” to the Worshipful Master and upon his election, his seat is in the East and is charged with communication to the brothers at large, specifically about Lodge meetings and events.

Vike Ovanessoff, PM
The Treasurers position is in the North East of the Lodge near the Worshipful Master. He, like his compatriot the Secretary, is one of the Lodge officers elected by the brethren every year. His duty is to manage the finances of the Lodge and balance the budget.
The Secretary’s position is in the South East corner of the Lodge next to the Worshipful Master. He is also one of the Lodge officers elected every year (though oftentimes, the same brother may hold this position from year to year). His duties are to record the minutes of every meeting, read communications from Grand Lodge, deliver money to the treasurer, and to generally advise the Worshipful Master on the logistical needs of the administration of the Lodge.
2019 Appointed Officers
Senior Deacon: Bro. Al Kellner
The Senior Deacon is one of the appointed Lodge officers (he is not elected but appointed to this position and acts as the chief page to the Worshipful Master, carrying private messages from him to the Senior Warden and to any other member as directed. He also introduces guests and visitors and escorts them to their proper places in the lodge.

Junior Deacon:
The Junior Deacon is also an appointed officer. He acts as the page for the Senior Warden, carrying messages at the Senior Warden’s request. It is also his duty to attend any knock at the door and make sure that the Tyler is at his post.

Senior Steward:
The Senior Stewart another of the appointed Lodge officers. He acts as an assistant to the Junior Warden and wherever else he is needed about the Lodge. He is in charge of refreshments and the preparation of meals.

Junior Steward:
The Junior Stewart is one of the appointed Lodge officers. He assists the Senior Stewart in his duties and is responsible for the cleaning of meals and the lodge and maintenance of the space.

The Chaplin is also an appointed Lodge officer. It is his job to lead the brethren in prayer to open and close lodge. He ensures that we do not lose sight on the divine principals upon which our fraternity is founded.

Marshall: Bro. Ryan Mancinelli
The Marshall is one of the appointed officers of the lodge. He is the “master of ceremonies” and ensures the proper respect is given to the flag of our nation and to the Great Architect of the Universe. He ensuring, on behalf of the Master, that each officer has the tools they need to perform their dutures, including the names of visitors for introduction by the Senior Deacon.

The Tyler is one of the appointed Lodge officers and is charged with guarding the Lodge against potential unscrupulous characters. Traditionally, he carries a sword and stands alert at the door of the lodge, ensuring that no one enters who is not a Freemason.

The musician is the final appointed Lodge officer and is charged with adding harmony and beauty to the meetings. He compliments the ritual work being performed with his music.

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