La Jolla Masonic Lodge #518

San Diego Masons

Constituted under Grand Lodge of California

5655 La Jolla Blvd - San Diego, California
Freemasonry is an institution
calculated to benefit mankind.
- Andrew Jackson
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Who are the Freemasons

The freemasons are an ancient fraternity that has in effect served as the standard by which all other fraternities strive to rise to. Our recorded history goes back 400 years but we've existed for much longer. You've already met us, you just don't know it. You see us every day, at the grocery store, in government and throughout civil service.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not a "Secret Society" or elitist organization. For centuries masonic lodges have served as a forum for the free exchange of ideas with the common goal to better mankind. Even in the ancient freemason guilds of the first millenium, freemasons were well known and often called upon to build some of the greatest structures to have ever stood on earth. The cornerstone of freemasonry is the blue lodge which in it's earliest context served as a refuge for freemasons traveling the world to build these massive edifices. Today it is a staple of every community, the freemasons have played a pivital role in the society and the very foundation of our great nation. The majority of the founding fathers were freemasons.

Beyond the blue lodge, there are a number of concordant bodies, the most recognizable of which is the Shriners. You've probably seen their tin lizzies driving in a local parade at one time or another. Some of the other well known masonic bodies include, The Scottish Rite, Chapter of the Royal Arch and Knights Templar. There are dozens more throughout the world in addition to those listed above.

About Our Lodge

La Jolla lodge has a strong core of young masons that meet several times a month. If you're already a freemason please come by and see what all the talk is about. La Jolla Lodge is ideally located for anyone in and north of the city of San Diego and South of Oceanside. We have members from Carlsbad, Encinitas, Downtown, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Cardiff, Mission Valley, Carmel Valley, Poway, Chula Vista, Escondido, Vista and of course La Jolla. If your not a mason, keep reading to become one.

1st Sunday of Every Month
Social Outing - TBA

2nd Tuesday
6:30 Formal Dinner - Open To Public - Wear a Suit
7:30 Stated Meeting - Members Only
~9:30 Post Meeting Social - Members Only

3rd Wednesday
6:00 Social @ The Living Room La Jolla - Open To Public - Casual

4th Thursday
12:00 Lunch @ International Market & Grill in La Jolla - Open To Public

Becoming a Freemason

The initial requirements to become a mason are simple, you must have been born free and be over the age of 18

For most people, that is the easy part. Beyond that, it must be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are an upstanding citizen, free of any negative character defect that could protentially bring dishonor to the fraternity. The investigation process is long and very thorough. Before such process can even be begun, it will be necessary for you to spend a considerable amount of time among the brethren so that they might get to know you and eventually, if found worthy, sign your petition for membership. It takes anywhere between six months to three years to become a master mason. If you do not have the time to dedicate at least a few nights a month to our craft, you need not apply. If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, come to one of our events and get to know the members.

We frequently get interested individuals from all over San Diego who think that because we are located in La Jolla, membership can somehow advance their career or cause. This is a myth and if you come looking for career advancement or financial benefit, you will be wasting your time.

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